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This tier is about creative content. Get behind-scenes access, weekly updates to my current work, rough drafts, deleted scenes, original scenes or chapters revised from published work, upcoming projects never shown to anyone, rough drafts or early access to covers and graphics (posters, picspams, trailers), and a chance to request video and graphics from me & vote on the content you want me to create! You'll also get your own signed paperback of my current work and entered in a giveaway where you'll get a chance to win merch from both my upcoming store and patron-only items.

To add to my original content and original stories that I will create, I also used to be a fan video editor but took a break from that outlet in order to focus on going professional in writing, and I'm gearing up to get back into it. I'm rusty but ready to dust off the cobwebs, so if this is something you're interested in, requests and voting will go up in this tier for that as well. Want to see my original characters played by specific actors and actresses with a certain song? Like my work and favorite couples/shows and want a specific video? For couples and shows that I don't know, I'd be interested in putting up challenges for myself to do these new people if the project feels right for me, so i'd be up for unfamiliar requests as well. You can find three videos below in the about me section that I've made in the past, so you can judge if this might interest you. Remember I'd like to put this skill towards making official trailers for my original work, so this tier helps support that.