My Book Cover and the Fever Fueled Story Behind It

I figured my book cover, which I designed and created, was the most appropriate thing to start these posts with.

After years of working on my first book, Vitality, I was only three months away from publishing it and setting it loose into the world, such a surreal concept at the time. But then my entire life, and every corner of it, came crashing down around me.

From things breaking down one after another to deaths to my own failing health to losing my job and washing in baths with Dawn dish soap in order to keep up with hygiene, I was truly in the middle of despair and depression and I still don't know how I found it in myself to push through and get my book published, especially when I'm doing everything required to get it done myself.

One of the things that went wrong was my book cover. I had done the research a year ahead, had an artist booked well ahead. Well, in only about a month to go until my book’s release date, she emailed me and we find out very quickly there was a misunderstanding in the date in which I had booked, so she could no longer do my book. This is a plummeting feeling because how am I going to find someone in such short notice… Was all lost? Well I went into some sort of mad fever-fueled trance for a few days and did the cover myself, not without its own issues, of course. But it did help that I had a pretty clearly defined idea of what I wanted my cover to not only look like but to express. This is the result:

So there you have it – the story behind Vitality’s book cover. Short and not all sweet. Let me know if you’d be interested in more blog posts in the future. Do you like Vitality’s book cover? Also, I’d like to hear about similar situations. Are you an author yourself and have had plans for your book fall through? Please tell me your thoughts – I’m dying to hear them (But not dying too quickly, cuz I we don’t do that stuff ‘round here). Umm.. I think you can subscribe to these posts somewhere on here if you want, but I don’t know. I’m new here. Take care.

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